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Purchasing Codes
Purchase Order Quality Requirements
  1. Age Control and Shelf Life Products: Suppliers shall provide expiration date for all age control/shelf life product purchased. All age control/shelf life products shall have 75% or greater shelf life remaining at the time of receipt.
  2. Calibration: the supplier shall ensure that all inspection equipment used for acceptance of Carmin Industries, Inc. materials, components, and articles are periodically calibrated and that the calibrations are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
  3. Carmin Source: If Carmin’s Contract requires, there will be Carmin Source Inspection and/or Customer Verification at supplier facility prior to shipment. Carmin will place an Inspection Stamp on the supplier shipper to indicate Carmin acceptance.  Contact Carmin at least 48 hours prior to shipment from your facility.
  4. Right of Access:  The supplier will grant right of access to Carmin Industries, their customer, and/or regulatory authorities to the applicable areas of facilities or sub-tier supplier’s facility and to applicable documented information at any level of the supply chain for inspection of their quality system, applicable areas, products, and/or records. 
  5. Changes: The supplier shall notify the buyer of any proposed changes in design fabrication methods or processes previously approved by the buyer and/or buyer’s customer, and obtain written approval of the changes from the buyer and/or buyer’s customer. Changed articles shall be clearly identified in a different manner from the previous articles. When a Carmin proprietary item is procured by the buyer, the seller shall notify the buyer of any changes the seller proposes to make to the item beforehand.  This includes changes of the external provider and/or location of manufacture and obtain Carmin Industries’ prior approval. 
  6. FAI: The supplier shall perform and document a complete First Article Inspection report including 100% of drawing or specification requirements. One copy of supplier FAI report shall be furnished to Carmin Industries, Inc. along with the first shipment for this PO/Contract.
  7. Flow Down of Quality Requirements to Sub-Tiers: Carmin must be notified before off-loading work to another sub-contractor. Sub-contractors must be informed of all quality requirements specified on the Carmin Purchase Order and evidence must be provided.
  8. Carmin Designated SupplierSupplier will use the Carmin-designated or Customer-Designated or approved external provider for process as specified on purchase order.  Evidence must be provided.
  9. Government Source: Government Source Inspection is required. Suppler shall contact Carmin and applicable Government Representative to arrange for Government acceptance prior to shipment from supplier facility.
  10. Inspection Report: The supplier shall submit an inspection report with order verifying engineering requirements have been met.
  11. Inspection System Requirements: the supplier shall implement an inspection system in compliance with one of the following: MIL-I-45208A, ISO9001, D1-9000, or an inspection system that meets Carmin Industries, Inc. quality requirements.
  12. Inspection and Test Characteristics: Supplier shall inspect and/or test as applicable, all characteristics defined by the purchase order and applicable drawing specifications pertinent to the work that the seller is responsible for performing.
  13. Non- Conforming Articles or Materials: Do not send non-conforming materials to Carmin Industries, Inc. Also, if any non- conforming articles or materials are returned to the seller and subsequently resubmitted, the seller shall include with the shipment evidence that the cause for the non-conformance has been corrected and actions taken to preclude recurrence.
  14. Packaging and Handling: The supplier shall use appropriate methods of handling, packaging, and preservation to prevent damage of product in process and during delivery.
  15. Quality Records: The supplier shall maintain suitable inspection and test records to serve as evidence if conformance with specified requirements. Such records shall be legible and traceable to the product involved. These records shall be retained for a minimum of
(7) years after payment.  Disposition requirements are secure disposal of all documents and data or return to Carmin for our disposition. 
  1. Quality System: The supplier shall implement a Quality System.
  2. Quantity: The supplier shall ship the exact quantities specified on the purchase order. Alternate quantities are not acceptable.
  3. Raw Materials Used in Purchased Articles: Material Certs, test results, or detailed analysis of supplier’s acceptance test results for all raw material used to satisfy specification requirements and which are employed in fabrication of articles purchased on a subcontract or purchase agreement shall be made available to the buyer upon request.
  4. Specification and Standards: Unless otherwise stated in the purchase order, any reference to national, international, military, defense, etc. specifications or standard is intended to mean the latest revision of that standard at the time of placing the order.
  5. Statement of Conformance: Each shipment must be accompanied by a statement of conformance stipulating that the items ordered meet the purchase order requirements.
  6. Nonconformance:  The supplier will notify Carmin Industries of nonconforming processes, products, or services and obtain approval for their disposition.
  7. Counterfeit Parts – The supplier will prevent the use of counterfeit parts. 
  1. Expectations – The supplier understands that they are an important contribution to the product or service and conformity and they are competent to perform.  It is expected that the supplier will contribute to product safety and it is expected that they will conduct their business with ethical behavior. 
PURCHASE ORDER QUALITY REQUIREMENTS. This QMS Form or portions of it cannot be copied, reproduced or distributed in any form or means without written approval of Carmin Industries, Inc. The current version is controlled and maintained at Carmin Industries Quality Management Information Center. Copyright © 2018
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