Carmin Industries
Getting Your Project Started
A drawing or sketch can be submitted by fax or electronic file.
Carmin's Engineering Department begins by creating the drawing in
AutoCAD.  The drawing is then sent to one of our two waterjets
for cutting.   There are no tooling costs.
Carmin's waterjets both have large tables that allow the cutting head to
move easily over the entire area.  The high intensity pumps condense and
pump water to 60,000 psi.  At this pressure we cut many materials including
rubber, foams and plastics.  When cutting materials like aluminum, steel,
copper or natural materials like marble or granite, the high pressure stream
of water is combined with crushed industrial grade garnet. 
Tolerances of +/-.010'' (depending on the material) can be maintained with ease.
Because dimensions are entered by computer, our repeatability is the same
over and over again.
Unlike some other cutting processes, waterjet does not exert pressure or
induce heat into the materials being cut.
Waterjet can be used for industrial as well as architectural applications.  The
intricate cuts allow many significant advantages like small radius cuts on inside
corners and cutting of complicated designs with ease.
Other materials that are often cut with waterjet include composites, glass, porcelain,
marble and even hardened armored steel.
 When you're ready to get started, give us a call!  (256) 435-8626

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